Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awards! For Bookish in a Box!

Wow! I feel honored. I'm a brand new book blogger but one of my fellow bloggers, The Ultimate Dumpees, thought of me when giving out awards. *big smile* That added a little sunshine to my (literally) rainy day. I like it rainy though so now I've got sunshine on top of a beautiful thunderstorm. It just doesn't get much better!

Happy 101
The rules are to list 10 things that make me happy...

Only 10? Okay, here goes:
  1. My family. I love hanging out with them; it's like being in a the middle of an extremely loud concert, pure craziness and energy and love. They rock!
  2. My dog. He's always so loving and warm and comforting, and he always seems to know how I'm feeling and reacts appropriately.
  3. Chocolate milk. There have only been 1 or 2 days in my entire life that chocolate milk couldn't improve.
  4. Baking. I love baking! I don't even have to eat what I bake. The act of baking is so methodical and rhythmic that it becomes cathartic.
  5. Rainy days. I live in a place where it's sunny almost all year round so I cherish rainy days for the cooler temperatures and the neat change in the air before a storm hits that we don't get to feel very often around here.
  6. Music. When I hear an old piece of music that I used to listen to, it brings back memories of the time and place in my life when I listened to it. Music cheers me up, gets me pumped to work out and keeps me calm during rush hour traffic.
  7. Books. And reading. This is a book blog so obviously I love to read, but I don't think that even begins to cover it. I have so many books, I've run out of room, and that doesn't even count the ones in storage. It's crazy. Spending an afternoon with a book on a rainy day is one of my favorite pastimes. Books have taught me so much about the world and allowed my imagination to run free, a short, blissful escape from the real world.
  8. Writing. I used to write a lot, but I wasn't happy with anything I wrote so I threw it all out. Recently, I started writing again (just finished a 1st draft); I've found that, this time, I'm happy with my work and I'm happy when I'm writing. Sometimes I can't wait for the day to draw to a close so I can spend some time with my characters and their adventures.
  9. Bargain-hunting. Yes, saving money makes me happy! I love walking up to a cashier with a stack of coupons and watching the look on their face as the miniscule final total pops up. Ah, satisfaction for a savvy shopper.
  10. Doing nothing. Sometimes it's nice to do, well, nothing.
The Humane Award

The Splashy Award
According to my presenter, this is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring blogs. Wow. I hope I can live up to all of that!

Rules are:
Put the logo on your blog/post.
Nominate/link up to 9 blogs that you pick for this award.
Let them know that they have been splashed.
Remember to link the person that nominated and awarded you.

Since my blog is fledgling, I thought I'd pass these on solely to other small(er) blogs to spread the love. I enjoy discovering little blogs and supporting them while they grow so if you know of any more that deserve some attention, let me know!

~ *Loves to Read*~
The Depths of Words
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