Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting to Know: Conn

I found this on QueryTracker and thought I'd showcase some of the characters from Novel #1 in an attempt to make sure they're different enough from one another. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the characters, per their requests.
  1. How old are you?  20
  2. If the house burned down, what one thing would you want to take with you?  My laptop.
  3. Describe your hands.  Long fingers, bony knuckles. Pale from sitting inside all day.
  4. Describe your nightstand, dresser, or bathroom counter. What’s on top of it? In it?  Nightstand:  netbook, an energy detector, a half-empty plate of Zee's cookies, a knife.
  5. What is your favorite food?  Homemade chili.
  6. Describe your economic/political status.  Well, I'm officially on the run now since I decided to help Zee out, but I've been granted (unofficial) political asylum by Zee's family.
  7. Where do you have a scar or birthmark? Describe circumstances surrounding your scars. There's a long ugly scar on my back--it's one reason I decided to help Zee. (But don't tell her about it or she'll feel guilty.)
  8. What is the last book you read? What did you think of it?  Lord of the Rings. It's been one of my favorites since childhood. My dad used to pretend to be Bilbo to get me do my chores.
  9. Do you have an embarrassing habit?  Umm...girls sorta scare me, so sometimes I'm really quiet. That's not embarrassing though, right?
  10. Give one vivid memory of a parent or parental figure. When I was about eight, my parents took my sister and I to the park. My dad and I tossed around a football, and my sister kept twirling around in the sunshine getting in the way. It was the best day ever.
  11. What is a dream (in sleep) you often have?  Don't tell Zee, but it's about her:  I'm so scared she's going to get hurt. Not that I could do anything about it because she's so much stronger than I am, but I worry about her just the same. Also--and promise not to tell--I'm afraid she's going to end up, you know, together with Dee, and he's bad news, whatever he may be pretending.
  12. Do you have a lifelong dream or aspiration?  It used to be to seek justice for the needless death of my parents at the hand of Dee's family...but now it's to spend my life with Zee, preferably peacefully somewhere, not staying behind or even fighting beside her.
  13. How do you go to sleep, and how do you wake up? (i.e. position in bed, etc.)  Facing the door, ready to snatch my knife.
  14. What is the last thing you wrote?  A computer program to match energy usage "fingerprints" with traces left elsewhere by the users.
  15. What grosses you out?  Jay. Dee. And that Andy guy did initially, but he's cool now, I guess.
  16. Who is the person you like the least? Why?  Jay, for hurting my girlfr--*cough*--for hurting Zee.
  17. Tell me about the last time you cried.  When I came home and realized what had happened to my parents. I thought I was never going to stop.
  18. What is something you feel guilty about?  Letting Zee get hurt that night in the dungeons.
  19. Describe what you do when you look in a mirror. Umm...make sure my hair's not sticking up in weird places?
  20. Describe yourself sitting in your favorite spot. I'm holding Zee's hand. She's got her head on my shoulder, and we're in the middle of a green field out in the middle of nowhere. There's a tiny diamond on a very important finger...okay, so that hasn't happened. But it will. I hope.
  21. Tell me about a very treasured item. My treasured items were all destroyed when my parents were killed so I'm pretty transient.
  22. Do you have a nervous tic or habit? I get very quiet when I'm angry or trying to think through a difficult situation.
  23. Tell me about your siblings…if you have them. I had a sister. She was funny and smart, and we argued sometimes, but she was the best little sister anywhere. And then Dee's family killed her.
  24. What is your favorite sound? The whirring of a computer fan.
  25. What is your favorite smell?  Zee's fresh-baked cookies.


  1. I think I have said this before. This exercise is way cool!

  2. I agree with J. Kaye, which is probably why I stole it (I gave you credit, though)! I love these things.

  3. I love the sound of Conn. I hope Zee realizes what a darling he seems to be