Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting to Know: Jay

I found this on QueryTracker and thought I'd showcase some of the characters from Novel #1 in an attempt to make sure they're different enough from one another. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the characters, per their requests.
  1. How old are you?  20
  2. If the house burned down, what one thing would you want to take with you?  My trophies, my class ring.
  3. Describe your hands.  Big and strong.
  4. Describe your nightstand, dresser, or bathroom counter. What’s on top of it? In it?  Nightstand:  hot rod magazines, half-empty bottle of Gatorade, cell phone.
  5. What is your favorite food?  Steak. Medium rare.
  6. Describe your economic/political status.  My parents are pretty well off. I'm still in college.
  7. Where do you have a scar or birthmark? Describe circumstances surrounding your scars. There should be some from all the stupid things my brothers and I did, but the healers made them go away.
  8. What is the last book you read? What did you think of it?  Lord of the Rings. Epic.
  9. Do you have an embarrassing habit?  Nope.
  10. Give one vivid memory of a parent or parental figure. When I crossed the stage at graduation with my scholarship, my dad stood up and just watched me walk by, the proudest I've ever seen him.
  11. What is a dream (in sleep) you often have?  Swimming in a pool of money. No, seriously, I guess it'd be settling down and having a family and being famous.
  12. Do you have a lifelong dream or aspiration?  To be powerful. I'm really good at what I do.
  13. How do you go to sleep, and how do you wake up? (i.e. position in bed, etc.)  Man, on my side, I guess. It kinda just depends on how I'm laying when I fall asleep.
  14. What is the last thing you wrote?  An essay for my Strategic Defense course refuting the claim that straight-line frontal assault is the best method of fortification barrage.
  15. What grosses you out?  Clingy girls.
  16. Who is the person you like the least? Why?  There was this girl named Olivia, and she and her mom thought I was just the hottest thing ever--which I am--but I didn't like her and she was all over me all the time.
  17. Tell me about the last time you cried.  Real men don't cry.
  18. What is something you feel guilty about?  Nothing. No regrets, ever.
  19. Describe what you do when you look in a mirror.  Tall, muscular, black hair, black eyes.
  20. Describe yourself sitting in your favorite spot.  I don't sit.
  21. Tell me about a very treasured item.  I made a tracker called a madstone for Zee. That thing was expensive, and she smashed it!
  22. Do you have a nervous tic or habit?  Nope. (Zee:  Yes. He's always arching that stupid eyebrow of his.)
  23. Tell me about your siblings…if you have them.  I have brothers. We did a lot of dumb things growing up. They're awesome.
  24. What is your favorite sound?  Cheering crowds.
  25. What is your favorite smell?  Sweat.


  1. Wow he seems like a totally cocky jock!! i hope that is what you are looking for because that is how he came off!

  2. I love these things. I did one for my MC in my last novel, and it really helped me wrap my mind around him. It actually spurred a plot twist for the sequel.

    Your character sounds super arrogant, but I could definitely see him as interesting. He reminds me of Damon Salvatore from "The Vampire Diaries." ...which is a compliment. He's my favorite character. lol

  3. hey did you get my email?? lol i was just looking for you!! then i got your comment!!

  4. Swimmer--Good, I'm glad! That's what I was hoping for. The manipulative good-for-nothing, dadblasted--oh, did I say that aloud?

    J. Kaye and KM--It's really helping me define my characters. I was already in their heads, but it's a little more concrete now. Jay *is* super arrogant, and I like the Damon comparison!

  5. My favorite question (and answer): What's your favorite smell? - Sweat.

    That's such a wonderful expression of character! These characters are intriguing and I'm dying to write posts like this for my book!