Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wannabe Writers #11

Wannabe Writers is a meme created by Sarah of Confessions of the Un-published!

One of my goals right now is to move my literary ambitions out of the box and onto the shelf, by which I mean that I no longer want to ignore  how   much I enjoy writing. I love the idea of this meme, and I'll quote from Sarah's post here:

I often find myself searching the web for information during my struggles as a new writer.   So I wanted to start a place where us future young-adult authors can come together to  ask those questions, share our stories, and get feedback.

I'm  going to be offline for the day, but I will read your lovely comments and get back to y'all on your blogs ASAP next week. :-)

Where I am in the writing process:  I'm in the middle of Draft 5 of Novel's slow going. That thing that threw me off track last week is over, but I've been creatively brain-dead ever since. It feels like everything I tried to write was stilted, so I threw in the towel (temporarily) and just read all week instead.

My current problems:  Not really any since I didn't write much.

Question(s) this week:  When do you drop a story line, give up and move on to something new?

I think there comes a point when, as a writer, you realize that you can't do anything with your story. Maybe it was too weak to begin with, maybe you're not strong enough right now to work with it, just know. It's too hard to squeeze the story out;  the words come out wrong and fall flat on the page. When it doesn't work, you'll know. If it's the right storyline, I think there'll be days when you can't write a single decent word, but there will also be days when your fingers fly across the keys. If you're not inspired, if it's tedious instead of enjoyable (even in that weird, horrible way that makes writers so happy), then that's when you drop it, at least temporarily.

Keep notes about your thoughts and ideas for that line. Maybe you'll come back to it someday or it will serve as inspiration for a scene somewhere.


  1. I haven't been writing much either. I guess that's why I'm wondering if I don't even care much about this story line.

  2. Great advice I'm sorry you had to throw in the towel this week!

  3. Middle of the first draft is the worst! I am feeling your pain too. I've got my second wind and am going to buzz through this coming week...well, that's the plan. ;)

  4. I think this meme will do me good. I have been stalling my writing for ages now because I am really scared that I will suck at the one thing I love to do more than anything else. More power to you :)

  5. You can always set an idea aside and let it ferment into something new!

  6. One week out of fifty-two doesn't seem so bad when you alter your perspective. Next week will be better and you'll be refreshed and raring to go!