Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wannabe Writers #16

Wannabe Writers is a meme created by Sarah of Confessions of the Un-published!

One of my goals right now is to move my literary ambitions out of the box and onto the shelf, by which I mean that I no longer want to ignore  how   much I enjoy writing. I love the idea of this meme, and I'll quote from Sarah's post here:

I often find myself searching the web for information during my struggles as a new writer.   So I wanted to start a place where us future young-adult authors can come together to  ask those questions, share our stories, and get feedback.

I'm  going to be offline for the day, but I will read your lovely comments and get back to y'all on your blogs ASAP next week. :-)

Where I am in the writing process:  I spent the week moving and didn't get a single word down. In fact, I think these are my first all week! I'm still settling in and running around, trying to finish too much in too little time.

My current problems:  Time...but as soon as things settle down, finding time shouldn't be a problem.

Question(s) this week:  How to start a story.  I've never been very good a writing hooks.  Any suggestions?  How did you start your story?  (Dialogue, description, action, etc.)

My most recent story started with a vague idea about what topics I wanted to cover;  one morning, I woke up and the first line was just there! The first scene is sort of a discussion with the reader.

With my 2nd WIP, the idea and first line just popped into my head while riding in a car, toying with stories that fit the scenery as it flew by. The hook here changed a few times;  it was description, now it's action. I don't know which one I prefer yet.

The first WIP started with a scene that ended up having little to do with the rest of the novel and received heavy editing as a result. It starts with an action flashback. I have no idea where the inspiration came from.


  1. I hope the move went well and you can get settled in quickly! :)

  2. Time: Our greatest friend and enemy. ;D

    I hope you can find time to write during the next few weeks! Moving can be such a mess. :D

    I made the same mistake you mentioned (starting with a scene that's not really pertinent)!

  3. Lucky!! You have flashes of inspirations that jumpstart your novel!

    Good luck moving!

  4. Oh, isn't that the loveliest! I also have those flashes of inspiration, when you suddenly find a name for a character or an opening sentence!

  5. My story starts with a random scene. All my ideas seem to come that way. A scene pops up into my head like a little seed and then the idea starts to grow. And that may not be the beginning. Sometimes it's the last act. Sometimes it's not even a part of the main story, just a back story that would never be included in the complete novel.