Thursday, August 19, 2010

Better Know a Blogger: Me!

Hey, guys! How was your summer? I can't believe it's almost over...but since I'm not in school anymore, I think fall will be about the same, only cooler*. :-P

Things around here have been crazy (in a good way), but I'm about ready for everything to settle down so I can get back to my hobby--reading! (And telling you all about it, of course!)

Anyway, what I really want to tell you is that I was interviewed by Tiger Holland at All-Consuming Books for Better Know a Blogger. It turns out that we share a blogoversary! Check it out and look around All-Consuming Books. It's well worth your time.

I hope you all have a great weekend and make the most of your final pre-back-to-school week (for some of you, at least)!

*I meant the temperature, but I suppose that it might be even more awesome as well. :-)


  1. So fun! I will check out your interview :)

  2. I read the interview! It was very nice, I enjoyed it.

    Thankfully I have about three more weeks until it's back to school! Ugh... I can't wait...

  3. Great interview! I saw that you're reading Princess For Hire. I read that one a few months ago and thought it was completely adorable. Enjoy!