Friday, January 14, 2011

There's a Library?!

I moved a while back (actually, I wrote this post so long ago, it's more like a WHILE while back). I am learning to love this town (and I say it that way, not because I didn't like it, but because I'm used to a much bigger city), but I get frustrated sometimes when I'm trying to shop or eat or chill out. Why?

My new town doesn't have a Chicken Express.
It doesn't have a Borders.
It doesn't have a Half Price Books.
It doesn't have a QT.
It doesn't have an Ulta...or a Sephora. (*collective gasp*)

But it does have a library. In my former town, for residents outside the city limits (I lived "in the county"), library cards are insanely expensive, and I believe you also have to pay by the book., thanks. I'll buy my own.

Now, I get to go to the library. Can you believe it? I got to do that during my summers of interning during college, and it was so much fun! The library wasn't even that great, but I read like crazy and for free.

Don't take your local library for granted. Take advantage of the opportunity and support them whenever you can.

Do you love your library? How often do you go?


  1. I can't believe that your old town made you jump through so many hoops to borrow books. I use my library a lot. It's the only reason I don't spend my paycheck on books!! I hardly go in the library, though, as my mom works there and brings stuff home that she knows I'll like. :-)

  2. With my husband being basically out of work for the past two years, I have come to adore my library! I used to just buy books, but when we had to start budgeting ourselves, I very doubtfully started using the library (not a big library, not a great selection). At first it was frustrating waiting for books (I frequently have to use ILL), but now I've just learned to make a steady stream of requests so that the books keep pouring in.

    I also like that my house isn't cluttered up with so many books now, too. Of course I buy and keep my favorites. This year I'm also committing to buy debut author releases (since I hope to be a debut author someday!) and then paying them forward in giveaways (by the way, do you think it is okay to do contests for books you've bought and carefully read so that they don't appear used?) And how do you get ARCs?

  3. I completely agree! I visit the library every two weeks with my BIG back pack. I carry home at least 7-8 books. I'm lucky because my librarian is really on top of the new books. We get them as soon as they are released if she likes the sound of them.

  4. Yeah! I would die though without a Borders or Barnes and Noble close by, and not because I have to buy books but because me and my husband usually have our date night there with a nice book, a little chatting, and a cup of coffee, every week. In these busy times its hard to find the time to spend quality time with eachother.

    I live down the street from my library, where I sometimes volunteer at and I am very lucky to have one so close and I deffinitely don't take it for granted.

  5. I used to use the library a LOT growing up, so I tend to buy my books now, rather than rent them. Perhaps I'll give my local library a shot...your post is very motivating! :D