Monday, September 26, 2011

Contest Craze: Zombie Survival

This is the Scariest Word Challenge, hosted by That Teen Can Blog! and Princess Bookie.

Challenge:  Choose two characters to fight along side of you.
Choose the fictional world in which you will be fighting in
Choose a weapon/superpower/ability to use to fight
Go to this site and choose one of the 8 words to be your mode of transportation

Post it. 

Characters:  Four from Divergent and Gale from The Hunger Games 
(I haven't read beyond The Hunger Games so maybe it turns out he can't fight at all, but I don't know yet.)

Setting:  Hex Hall (or somewhere in that universe)

Weapon/superpower/ability:  energy manipulation--throwing balls of lightning, blasting open doors, jumpstarting car engines (this could come in very handy!)

(original image courtesy of Collington)

Mode of Transportation:  bulldozer
(It's pink!)
 (image courtesy of Alastair Smith)

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