Saturday, October 1, 2011

Contest Craze: Collections

This is the Collections Challenge, hosted by Princess Bookie herself!

Challenge:  Write up a blog post telling us all about your collection. What do you collect? Why do you collect it?

Collection:  Do books count?

Just kidding.

I collect magnets from places I visit (they're lightweight and easy to pack and pretty easy to display on my refrigerator. I'm really picky about the design of the rest of the rooms in my house, but I'm okay with the refrigerator being covered in cheap bits of touristy stuff.

I've got Dorothy's ruby slippers from one of the Smithsonian museums (it was actually the air and space museum on the mall, but the movie/media museum was being renovated and a few exhibits were on display down the hall from the airplanes) and some fake feet slices from Body Worlds (someone asked me if they were real once. No. and a mini Mount Vernon, among lots and LOTS of others. They're arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner on my fridge-canvas.

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  1. It sounds like you have some great magnets. I'd love to know about more of them (I'm endlessly curious about what others collect). Did you get any from the actual Air & Space museum? It's my fave part of the Smithsonian.

    Why not check out my collection?