Friday, December 2, 2011

Harry Potter Hiatus

Hogwarts Castle courtesy of mabecerra
While watching the sixth HP movie last weekend, I got really, really confused and realized that I'd only read the book once (and it was rushed because my friends wanted to borrow it so I didn't savor it properly). One of the best things about being a book blogger is winning books or receiving them for review or crashing the nearest library and always having something new to read. The downside is, though, that I miss some of my old favorites.

Due to that and the holidays and some other things going on IRL (because I have one of those!), I've decided to take a Harry Potter Hiatus to re-read all the Harry Potter books from beginning to end in the month of December (I start Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone tonight!). I might go ahead and review them (mini-reviews, perhaps?) as well as some ARCs I have sitting around, and I'll be hosting a few giveaways so keep an eye out for those. I hope y'all are enjoying your holidays, and I hope to see you around for some HP discussion!

If anyone wants to join me on my magical mission, I've posted my intended schedule below. (Yes, I'm a nerd aka scientist; it says so right here.) I'm ending Jan 2 because that's the end of my holiday break.

Harry Potter and the...
Philosopher's Stone
(Dec 1-4)
Chamber of Secrets (Dec 5-8)
Prisoner of Azkaban (Dec 9-12)
Goblet of Fire (Dec 13-17)
Order of the Phoenix (Dec 18-22)
Half-Blood Prince (Dec 23-27)
Deathly Hallows (Dec 28-Jan 2)

That's a really tight schedule so I may have to amend it to include more of January, but I think it will be kind of fun to try and get the whole Harry Potter experience at once.

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  1. Good luck with all that reading! I'm re-listening to the books on my commute to work. My husband said the audiobooks were read really well, so I had to check it out!