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Kindred Review: At Home on Ladybug Farm

Love of reading (and history) runs in the family! Today, I'm featuring one of my mom's recent reads. 

A year after taking the chance of a lifetime, Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget are still trying to make a home for themselves on the newly-renovated Ladybug Farm. Life in the Shenandoah Valley is picturesque but filled with unexpected trials- such as the introduction of two young people into the ordered life the women have tried to build for themselves.

As the walls of the old house reveal their secrets and the lives of those who have gone before begin to unfold, the cobbled-together household starts to disintegrate into chaos. And when one of their members is threatened by a real crisis, they must all come together to fight for the roots they've laid down, the hopes they share, and the family they've become.
 [from Goodreads]

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 boxes

This book is a delightful, easy read. At Home on Ladybug Farm is the second in a series. I have not read the first book, A Year on Ladybug Farm, but would now love to. Beginning with the second book was not an issue. I found nothing in this book that needed to be explained by reading the first.

The characters were fun to get to know with just enough back story of their lives to understand who they were, but not dwelling on their past because this is a story of new beginnings. The story line was mostly light. There is a theme about Noah, thought to be orphaned teenager, and his mother. Unlike the pasts of the other characters, the story does not dwell on the negative aspects of his life but more on the positive things now happening as he tries to find his place.

As one who finds history very interesting, I was pleased that the telling of the three women’s stories was interspersed with history about the old house which they bought and the people who had lived there before them. The author included several comical events which balanced the emotional stories of the past and present. It was refreshing to read about people following their hearts and making it work. There is a surprise ending which I will not spoil, but I did not see coming until the near the end of the book. The ending was happy and left me cheering them on to continue their mission of fixing up the old house and pursuing their interests.

Title:  At Home on Ladybug Farm
Author:  Donna Ball
Genre:  Women's Fiction
Year:  2009
Book Source:  Borrowed

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