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Supernatural Saturday Review: The Eternal Sea (Everlasting #2)

Romance and adventure are just around the corner . . .After the thrilling journey that led Camille through the dangerous discovery of love, secrets, and a magical stone that grants immortality, Camille has everything she wants. She's escaped the men who wanted her dead, and now she is ready to build a new life with Oscar, her one true love. But things are not to be so simple. Oscar is acting strangely, and before they can even board a ship from Australia back home, to San Francisco, Camille learns that the journey is not over. If she does not follow the magic of the curse of Umandu, her life and Ocar's could be in grave danger.
[from Goodreads]
Rating:  1 out of 5 boxes
Target Audience:  Historical fiction readers
High point: Filling the readers in on what they missed in Everlasting
Low point: Camille!
Reader maturity:  13+

The First 1/3:
Unfortunately, I spent the first few chapters of this book (chapters, not pages) flipping back and forth and checking the back cover to see if my copy was missing a few chapters or if I had jumped in on the middle of a series. A virtual trip to Google informed me incorrectly, which left me with a poor first impression of the novel, and I was about a third of the way through the book (and thoroughly out of step with the story by that time) before Goodreads corrected me. This is the second book in a series, so I was right to be confused.

To be fair, The Eternal Sea does a decent job of filling the reader in on what they need to know about the events in Everlasting. It does not, however, convince the reader to sympathize with Oscar. I assume from Camille's thoughts and feelings that Oscar was actually quite nice before (although Camille isn't much of a lady, what with two-timing on her gentlemanly fiance), but since my only experience with Oscar is in The Eternal Sea, I just wanted to shake Camille and tell her to stop being so dumb. Without having read Everlasting, I had no emotional connection (and no reason to have one) to her suitor of choice.

The Remaining 2/3: 
Even after the issue of publication was sorted out, I still wasn't impressed. Camille is a weak character, a negative trait compounded by the love triangle she forces into existence. And she's such a jerk! She lies to Randall, who is not only her fiance and financial savior, but also a perfectly nice and faithful man; she nags Oscar and can't take a hint; and she's petty and mean to Maggie, who isn't nearly as rude or stuck-up as Camille accuses her of being (I think Camille is projecting--she's the rude one). It's hard to support a character I don't like.

I finished The Eternal Sea, but due to Camille, I'm going to have to categorize it as "not my cup of tea."

Title:  The Eternal Sea
Author:   Angie Frazier
Genre:   Teen Fiction - Paranormal
Year:   2011 

Book Source:  Won an ARC from I Like These Books

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